What does the "name" search parameter retrieve?

The "name" search parameter will search for the single occurrence of that string within the file name. It does not check substrings, but rather splits the file name into whole words based on whitespace, punctuation, and character class changes. 

For example, in Image 1 below the files that contain "000309" in the file name are retrieved. Image 2 shows files that contain the value "309" in the file name. As you can see both the search results are different.

Image 1

Image 2

NOTE: Searching from the search bar (results for the "name" parameter)

When you type in the search bar to perform a free text search, multiple searches are continuously being run and their results are populated in the drop-down list of search results. One of these is for the "name" parameter. 

It's worth noting that it runs the check from the beginning of each "word" segment, so typing "00" into the search bar will display files that have words in their names beginning with "00" (e.g. "00031" "00test") but not with the term in the middle or at the end of the words in their names (so files with "1001" and test00" in their names will not be shown as results.)

What does the "name.term" search parameter retrieve?

The "name.term" search parameter will retrieve files only when the entire file name from the file metadata matches the value entered exactly (this includes case sensitivity.)

E.g. A search with the value "Collaboration.jpg" will produce the result of the file in the image below, but "collaboration.jpg" or "Collaboration" will not.

NOTE: Performing "name.term" searches

Note that "name.term" searches are not performed as part of quick searches and will need to be performed as advanced searches either by using the correct format for advanced searches in the search bar or by using the "Advanced search" view.