GoldFynch allows you to convert your TIFF files to PDFs and download them using its 'production' system.

Importing your files to GoldFynch

Step 1. Login to your GoldFynch case (you will need to create a case if you do not have one yet)

Step 2. Click on the 'Files' icon on the left pane

Step 3. If there are already files in your case, click on the '+ New Folder' button, create a new folder, and click on the folder to navigate into it


Navigate to the file view and drag and drop the selected files to upload them

Step 4. Select the files you wish to upload from your system File Explorer (or Finder on Mac) and drag and drop the files onto the screen. Alternatively, use the 'Upload Files' button

Step 5. Click on 'Begin Upload'

NOTE: If you are uploading a production with a load file

  1. Zip the production on your computer before uploading it if it is not already zipped
  2. Click on the Archive symbol against the uploaded production once the upload is complete, then click on the 'Begin Import' button to submit the production import request. The GoldFynch team will run the import and will contact you via email once the process is complete Click here to learn more about importing productions.Click on the archive symbol to view the production import screen overlay

  • Learn more about uploading files in general here
  • You can track the status of your upload from the 'Uploads' view
  • If any files have a lock icon next to them it means they are password protected and you will need to enter their password

Selecting the files to be converted (skip if the only files in your case are the uploaded TIFFs)

If there are files in your case other than the ones you want to convert into PDFs, you will need to 'tag' the ones you wish to convert so only those are included. 

Step 1. Check the checkbox against the folder to which you uploaded the files (or the folder containing the TIFF images in the case of a production)

Check the checkbox against the folder then click on the +Tag button

Step 2. Click on the Tag button in the shortcut menu that appears on the right

Step 3. Enter a tag name (e.g. "FOR CONVERSION") and click on the tag when it appears below the text box

Enter a tag name

Step 4. Select 'Apply to item only' and click on 'Apply'

Converting the TIFF files using the 'production' system

To begin, click on the production icon from the left menu, then click on the 'Start Production Wizard' button

Navigate to the production view and click on the Start Production Wizard button

Step 1 of the Production Wizard: Give a name for the production

Step 2 of the Production Wizard: Check the checkbox against the tag that you applied to the TIFF files in the previous section and click on OK. Alternatively, if the only files in your case are the TIFFs to be converted, do not check any boxes (all files will be selected) 

Select the tag to be used for the production

Step 3 of the Production Wizard: Select the PDFs only option, the One PDF per document option, and then click on OK. This will produce each TIFF file as a separate PDF.

Select the PDFs only option and then select One PDF per document

Step 4 -8 of the Production Wizard: Ignore all the options and settings, just click the 'OK' buttons.

Step 9 of the Production Wizard: Select the 'Original File names' as the file naming convention for the production

Select the original file names option

Step 10 of the Production Wizard: Click on the 'Produce' button

Review the production and click on Produce

Once you click the Produce button you will receive a notification that the production request has been successfully placed.

NOTE: Learn more about the production process here.

Download the TIFF Files

You can download the emails as PDFs from the "Requested Productions" tab of the production view once the production is completed

Step 1. Click on the 'Requested Productions' tab of the 'Productions' view

Step 2. Click on the 'Completed' header text to sort by completion date. The completed status of your production will go from 'in-progress' to the completion date once the production is completed

Navigate to the Requested Productions tab, click on the ... button and then click on Download productions

Step 3. Click on the '...' button against the production's name and then click on the Download Production option to download the final production as a zip file. The download icon will be active once the production processing has been completed, 

The downloaded zip file will contain all the TIFF files you have selected in PDF form