GoldFynch accounts themselves are free. Charges are only applicable for:
  • Paid cases - Charges are only applied to the owner of a case. To end all billing, you will need to delete all paid cases owned by the account. Your account will then receive a final prorated charge at the end of the month for the days the case was active, after which billing will cease. You can check cases for which you are being charged by clicking on the "See details" link in the top-left corner of the billing screen
  • Add-on services - There are no recurring charges, and you will only be charged for services that you specifically request. The amount will be added to the bill of the requesting account for the month that the request was placed in
  • Organizations - Charges are applied to the owner of an organization, paid monthly. To end the billing from organizations you will need to delete the organizations owned by your account or transfer ownership to a different user. A final prorated charge will be added to your account's bill at the end of the month after which all billing will cease. You can check if any organizations are linked to your account here

To delete a GoldFynch case

On the case listing page, there is a "trash can" delete icon next to each case name for cases you are the owner of. Click this trash can icon and then type "DELETE" on the confirmation screen to remove the case. You can find more information about deleting cases here.