If you create a production of all files in your GoldFynch case, you may notice that the number of pages in the production (according to the Bates numbering) and the number of pages in the case as shown on the 'Overview' screen differ. 

This is a common difference due to documents being produced in the native format: when produced in the native format, a file has a single-page slip sheet included and it is assigned a single Bates ID instead of multiple Bates IDs for each page of the file. For example, a 10-page Excel spreadsheet will count as 10 pages on the 'Overview' screen, but only a single Bates ID in the production. Across multiple files, this can add up to a significant difference between the page count and Bates numbering.

Something similar can cause a difference in the number of pages in a production imported to a new case. Learn more about this here

NOTE: It is possible to check the number of pages across files in your GoldFynch case from the 'Overview' screen - the first screen displayed when you open a GoldFynch case.

You can check the number of pages in your case from the 'Overview' screen