The short answer is approximately 2 GB of a mix of files per hour

It is hard to pinpoint an exact rate, but going across averages of all the data on our systems, the processing rate of GoldFynch averages about 2 GB/hour. In emails, that is about 2,000 emails per hour. If emails have a lot of attachments then it will take longer to process them as ZIP file attachments automatically get discovered, decompressed, and processed. The above processing rates are approximated at the lower end of the estimates to be on the safe side, but the processing rates also vary based on file types. For example, OCR (learn more about OCR here) is the most intensive process (about 700 OCR-requiring files per hour), while email processing is the least.

Intense processing, like OCR on some PDFs, can take longer, at around 700 files per hour

The amount of time spent processing a file based on file type increases in this order, from fastest to slowest:

1. loose emails (e.g. EML, MSG)
2. PDF files that do not require OCR

3. Microsoft Word files and MS PPT files
4. Microsoft Excel files

5. PDF files that do require OCR
6. Image files that require OCR (e.g. JPG, BMP, etc.)

A special note on container files like ZIP, PST, MBOX, etc.:

The content of an uploaded container file is first fully extracted, and only then will the content begin processing. GoldFynch doesn't impose any limits on container files within container files (aka "nested" container files,) - so the GoldFynch processor will continue to extract container files indefinitely, up to any level, as they are discovered.

For example, if you upload two emails, the first of which has an attachment of a ZIP file, GoldFynch will begin extracting information from the ZIP file first (before moving on to the second email.) If the ZIP file contains a PST file, it will immediately start extracting that. If the PST contains emails then it will begin extracting those, and if those emails have ZIP files as attachments, it will start extracting the ZIP files...and so it continues.

Note: If you would like to view the PST and MBOX files before processing them you can use GoldFynch's PST Viewer and MBOX Viewer to do so

Accelerating the case processing rate

The case's processing rate can be increased on demand by requisitioning additional processors from the add-ons page - learn how to do so here.

The rate scales using the earlier-mentioned estimate:

Average files processed per hour with no add-on processors700 files requiring OCR2 GB of mixed documents2000 emails
With 1 add-on processor~1400 files requiring OCRAdditional 5 GB of mixed documentsAdditional 10,000 - emails
With 2 add-on processors~2100 files requiring OCRAdditional 10 GB of mixed documentsAdditional 20,000 emails

...and so on. However, add-on processors are dedicated to your case. 

While the default processing is shared among all cases on the GoldFynch platform, add-on processors are requisitioned just for you. If the overall system load increases, the default rate could drop as the processing system tries to catch up with the load. But add-on processors for your case will be unaffected. 

Add-ons processors can come online within 15 minutes of being requested during business hours (Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm, Central.) Off-hours may take longer (we are working on automating this!)

Click here to learn how to request additional processors.