GoldFynch supports user-configurable time zones. (Previously, all dates were displayed according to Central Standard Time - CST (UTC -6:00)) This feature saves you the trouble of having to offset dates depending on the time zone you and your case collaborators are in.

How it works:

Each case has a time zone associated with it that is automatically detected from the creator's browser location at the time of creation and which cannot be changed once assigned. Date-related information will be displayed according to this time zone.

Your time zone is automatically detected. Before creating the case you can choose to change it.

Note that you can change the automatically-detected time zone to a different one if you wish to during the case creation process

Dates that will be displayed in the case's time zone:

  • Dates during searches using GoldFynch
  • Dates and times in email metadata fields like sent and received dates
  • Primary dates displayed in the 'Files' view specifically when the dates are based on metadata like an email's sent date (note that this does not apply for dates found in the text of a file)
  • Created, modified and email dates displayed in the right-hand side panel of the 'Docs' view under the 'Dates' section
  • Date columns in reports generated by GoldFynch and in load files

This update is proactive and will only affect cases created after 11th October 2018. Cases from earlier than that date will remain at the GoldFynch default of Central US time (UTC -6:00)