It's possible to quickly check for solutions to any questions or issues you may come across while using the GoldFynch App. These solutions are contained in GoldFynch's Knowledge Base and support portal, but can be accessed directly through the GoldFynch App by following the process below. If an existing solution does not exist, you can submit a service request to GoldFynch Support directly from the GoldFynch App. Here's how:

Check for existing solutions

1. Once inside the GoldFynch app, Click on the 'Help' button which is always found in the top right corner of the screen.

2. Click on the 'Search Articles' button in the popup window that appears.

3. Click on the search bar that appears.

4. Type your issue into the search bar. If there are any relevant articles, they will be presented.

Selecting existing help articles that match your search results

5. Click on the relevant article to be taken to its page in the Knowledge Base.

Report a new issue

If you cannot find a solution to your issue in the Knowledge Base, you will need to submit a support request.

1) If there is a screen in the GoldFynch app that contains relevant information to your issue, navigate to that screen. This is so that you can attach an image of this screen to your request to provide additional context to the issue. Doing this is covered in step 4.

2) Click on the 'Help' button in the top right corner of the screen.

3) Describe the issue you face in the text field of the popup window that appears.

4) If your current GoldFynch page contains relevant information to the issue (from step 1) click on the camera symbol in the bottom right corner of the text field. A screenshot of the current page will be taken and automatically attached to the request.

5) Click on the 'Submit Question' button.

You also have the option to attach any other relevant files and links, as well as to format your message. Once you submit your support request, a member of the GoldFynch support team will get in touch to help resolve the issue.

NOTE: You can directly also browse the Knowledge Base's solutions and submit a support request from there. Find out how to do so here.