Each GoldFynch account gets 1 case for free. No credit card is required to create the free case. The case is completely unrestricted. The only limit is the case volume, which is restricted to 512 MB.  There is no time limit on this case. 

The idea behind the free case is to let you get an unrestricted feel for GoldFynch before you commit. Don't worry if you go over the 512 MB limit. A member of the GoldFynch team will get in touch with you and ask if you want to upgrade.

If you decide you like GoldFynch, you only have to enter a credit card number and add as many cases as you like. If you already signed into your GoldFynch account, simply click this link https://goldfynch.com/app/#/settings/payment-methods

You can enter a credit card number by clicking the "App Settings" button on the top right menu and then selecting payment methods. 

1.Choosing App Settings


Select Payment Methods

If you face any issues with GoldFynch, or you think it could use additional features, just drop us a line at support@goldfynch.com.