Each GoldFynch account gets access to 1 free case that does not require a credit card to create it. Click here to learn how to create a case.

The free case is intended to give you an unrestricted feel for GoldFynch before you commit to using the platform, and is fully functional, apart from the list provided below. You will still be able to produce documents and share the case with an unlimited number of users.

Free cases:

  • Have a volume limit of 512 MB, and a processing limit of 1 GB. If your case exceeds the free volume limits, a member of the GoldFynch team will get in touch to ask whether you wish to upgrade the case. If you don't wish to, you don't have to take any further action - the case will be automatically deleted after a week
  • Have a “Produced with GoldFynch” stamp on produced documents
  • Do not grant access to complimentary services that are sometimes offered to accounts with paid cases
  • Do not have access to add-on services that GoldFynch provides

Also note that: 

  • Premium (paid) cases receive prioritized support and premium processing
  • There is no limit to the total number of cases you can have on GoldFynch

If you wish to continue using GoldFynch, you can upgrade your case by following these STEs