Email exports coming from Outlook, (PST), or Gmail, (MBOX), can easily be uploaded to your GoldFynch case. 

More information on uploading PST files can be found here.  

The biggest advantage of uploading these email exports is that you can restrict your searches to email metadata which is maintained in the PST or MBOX archives.

Click here for more information on searching email metadata.

If you want to begin searching your emails within GoldFynch by email address, you can do this by using the Advanced Search view and building searches.  

Let's use this scenario:  

  • We want to search email addresses and
  • We want of these: to/from/bcc/cc
  • We want to limit it to a certain date range sent or received, (May 1, 2001 - May 31, 2001)
  • We want to include a search term, "Agreement" 

We will start building our search using the Advanced Search view and use the search parameter "participant.address".


NOTE: Using 'participant.address' restricts searches to the 'to', 'cc', 'bcc' and 'from' fields at the same time, without needing to construct and link each parameter in the query with an 'OR' operator (it functions identically to recipient.address but also includes the 'from' parameter)

Searching your email folders:

  1. Click the Advanced Search view
  2. Click, "Create a new search"
  3. Build your search using the parameters and appropriate connectors

Searching by sent or received date

Adding to your search, you can then add a condition that includes the dates. You will use the Sent Date and Received Date parameters.

Search for particular terms

Adding other search term conditions will allow you to restrict your search that must include the terms you list.

Saving complex searches

When building complex searches, it would be a strong recommendation to save these searches allowing others who have shared case access to run the same search, or for you to re-run these searches.  Note that saving searches are dynamic in nature, meaning that if you load additional data into your GoldFynch case that satisfies the saved search, these items will be added once the search is re-run.  

Tagging your search results

Now that you have built your search and executed it, you can bulk tag all items in the results view to segregate them to produce, review, or eliminate from a production using tags.

The search results window retrieved 3 documents.  Clicking the topmost checkbox in the upper left corner will open an "Actions" window to the right.  Clicking the Tag button will allow you to tag all the documents in the results window by either creating a new tag or using an existing tag.

More information on creating and managing tag preferences can be found here.  

If you want to inspect a PST, OST or MBOX file prior to loading into your GoldFynch case, you can use our free eDiscovery tools found here.  

Now that you have items tagged, you can easily use the tag to: