Currently, Outlook, does not support drag-and-dropping of individual emails. This includes doing so into GoldFynch, or into any other program. In order to import the email (or multiple emails) you must perform an additional step:

First, drag the email(s) from Outlook onto your computer desktop. This saves the emails as .msg files. These .msg files can then be dragged into GoldFynch, which will automatically process them and add them to your case.

Other ways to upload files into GoldFynch from Outlook:

  1. You can drag a whole mailbox or Outlook export in the PST format into GoldFynch. It will extract your emails, including attachments, and will also maintain folder structure
  2. Outside of the regular services that GoldFynch offers, it can also perform one-off, paid services as required by users, like collecting an email repository directly from your client, or adding additional processors for priority processing of uploaded files. You can use the email import service to have GoldFynch upload clients' files from their mailboxes directly to your GoldFynch case if you wish to. Learn more about GoldFynch's add-on services here.