When generating multiple productions, you may want to avoid including any files that have already been produced to avoid including duplicate files. While yes, deduplication does exist in GoldFynch, the party receiving these productions may not have access to deduplication. Plus, fewer duplicate files initially included means fewer complications and/or questions later on. If you wish to omit files that are already a part of productions in your GoldFynch case from new productions that you make, follow these steps:

Step 1. Navigate to the 'Advanced Search' view using the left navigation panel

Step 2. Click on the 'Create New Search' button

Create a new search with the condition 'production' 'IS ANY OF' and select all productions in your case

Step 3. Select the 'Production' parameter from the left-most drop-down menu

Step 4. Choose the 'Is Any Of' connector (from the second drop-down menu)

Step 5. Click on the '+Add value' button, and select a production from your case from the drop-down menu that appears

Step 6. Keep adding more values with the '+Add value' button and selecting productions till all productions in your case are selected (alternatively, you can choose to select only some production to omit files from only those productions)

Step 6. Click on the 'Run search' button

Step 7. On the search results screen, check the checkbox in the top-left corner of your screen near the search query 

Step 8. Click on the +Tag button and apply a new tag (e.g. "OMIT") to the files (learn more about tagging files here.)

Select all the search results by clicking the checkbox next to the query and click the tag button

It's worth noting that if you would like to omit both the produced files and their entire family of files (versus just the produced files), this new tag will need to be applied "to the entire family of each item". If you want to exclude the already-produced files exclusively, then this tag can be applied to the "Item only".

Step 9. Create your production following the regular steps of production, and in Step 2 (Document selection) while adding files to the production, in addition to selecting saved searches and/or tags to include files in your production, check the new tag you created ("OMIT" in our example) and check the 'Inverterd' checkbox against it (learn more about inverting tags here.)

Include and invert the tag which you tagged the produced files to be omitted with (e.g. "omit" in this image)

In the example above, files with the tags "PDF" and "PRESENTATION FILES" will be included in the case unless they also have the "OMIT" tag that we created earlier (which is attached to all files that are part of productions)


This will ensure that all files with that tag (i.e. the files in your case that are in productions) are committed in the new production.