GoldFynch’s dedupe system is a powerful tool when used in combination with its other features like its advanced search engine, review sets, and the Production Wizard. In fact, it’s important to remember whenever running searches or productions that if you don’t want duplicate files to appear in your results or sets, you should be running the dedupe process proactively.

Getting started

First, run the dedupe process as described here. If your case has a large number of email files, consider using one of the Message-ID dedupe strategies, instead of the hash-based strategy. 

Once you have run the dedupe process, duplicate files in your case (or folder) will be marked with the special ‘Dupe’ tag. This tag is the key to account for duplicates in other systems.

Omitting dupes in advanced searches

While performing an advanced search, add the following section to your search query.

If you are creating a query in the Advanced Search view then:

  1. After creating your query, add a condition using the AND operator to the outermost level of your search query

  2. Set the parameter to “system-tags,” the connector to “is-not,” and the value to “dupe

If you are typing your query into the search bar then add the following to the query:

AND system-tags != DUPE

Omitting dupes in review sets

Review sets are made from either a single tag or a single saved search. So to create a review set without dupes, you will need to create one of the two. 

To create a review set using a search query:

  1. Create a search query in the advanced search view, or perform the search in the search bar and click on the ‘edit’ icon to open the search in the advanced search view

  2. Add the ‘system-tags != dupe’ condition (as described in the ‘Omitting dupes in advanced searches’ section above)

  3. Click on the ‘Untitled, click here to rename [ unsaved ]’ text and enter a name for the search (e.g. ‘Example search set without dupes’)

  4. Click on the ‘Save’ button

  5. Go to the ‘Review-sets’ view and click on the ‘+ Create New Review Set’ button

  6. Enter a name for the review set, select the ‘By saved search’ option, and choose the search you saved from the dropdown menu

  7. Click on the ‘Create’ button

To create a review set using an existing tag:

Similar to the procedure described above, it’s possible to create a review set using an existing tag while removing any duplicate files that may share the tag. To do so:

  1. Create an advanced search for the required tag

  2. Add the duplicate-excluding condition

  3. Save the search as described above

  4. Create a review set using the saved search

Omitting dupes in productions

To exclude dupes from a production, follow the standard steps of production, but in step 2 of the Production Wizard (Document selection,) along with the tags and saved searches that you select for inclusion, also select the ‘dupe’ system tag and check the ‘Negate?’ checkbox against it. This will ensure that all files that have the ‘Dupe’ tag are excluded from the production.

Deleting duplicate files from your GoldFynch Case

Learn how to delete duplicate files from your GoldFynch case here