GoldFynch's Production Wizard helps you export files for printing. During the process, it gives you the option of adding and placing Bates numbering and custom stamps on the documents. Here's how to add Bates numbering to documents for printing:

1. Tag the documents or create a saved search with all the documents for printing.

2. Navigate to the 'Productions' view via the left navigation pane.

3. Click on the 'Start Production Wizard' button and proceed through the steps of production making the following notable choices:

  • In Step 2 (Document selection) check the checkboxes against the tag(s)/saved search(es) of the documents you wish to print
  •  In Step 3 (Production Output) make sure you do not select either of the 'Native files' options (i.e. the native-only formats that are either with or without a load file) - this is because if numbering or stamps are added to a document they are no longer considered to be in their 'native' format
  • In Step 4. (Native file options) do not select any file types or tags to be produced as natives
  • In Step 6. (Select tag placement) click on the drop-down menu against 'Bates Stamp' to choose where you would prefer your Bates numbering to appear. If you do not require tag or custom stamps then set them to 'no-placement.' Note that if there is a conflict between the placement of a tag/custom stamp and Bates numbering, the Bates numbering will be given preference.
    1. Make sure you have a location assigned to Bates Stamp and it is not assigned the no-placement option
    2. We recommend checking the 'Add page margins for stamps' checkbox when adding Bates numbering and stamps for printing. Bates numbers are generally placed on the very edge of the document, and unless your printer supports edge printing, it will end up leaving a margin, which often results in the bates numbering getting cut off. The 'Add page margins' option factors this in and leaves an extra margin space, in addition to ensuring any existing information in page margins is not overwritten.Select placement for the Bates numbering and and add page margins for stamping using the checkbox
  • If you wish, in Step 8 (Bates Numbering Options) you can add a prefix and/or number padding and a starting number for your Bates numbering (if not, default numbering will begin from 1 with no prefix)

After clicking on the 'Produce' button in Step 10 (Final Review and Submit) wait till the production is finished. You can track its status on the 'Requested Productions' tab. 

Download the production from the requested productions tab

Once it is complete, click on the download icon against it to begin the download. After it is downloaded, you can unzip and print the documents as you would with any other file.