NOTE: To produce all files in your GoldFynch case, skip the 'Tagging' section below and in Step 2 of production (Document Selection) do not select any items.

Tagging files in the folder

1. Click on the 'Files' button in the left pane to access the files view.

2. Navigate inside the folder whose contents you wish to tag.

3. Check the checkbox to the left of the "Names" column header to select all the files in the folder. If you wish to omit any files in the folder, uncheck the checkbox next to the individual file(s).

4. Click on the '+Tag' button in the action pane that appears on the right of your screen.

Select all files in the folder to tag

5. Type out a new, unique tag name in the text box.

6. Click on the tag when it appears below the text box.

7. Choose if you want the tag to be applied to only the items themselves or to the entire family of each item.

8. Click on the 'Apply' button.

NOTE: You can use this method to produce the contents of multiple folders simultaneously - just navigate to the next folder you wish to include and when you are adding the tag, select the tag you just created from the 'Recently used' section.

Producing the tagged files

1. Click on the 'Productions' button in the left pane to access the Productions view.

2. Click on the 'Start Production Wizard' button.

Navigate to the productions view and click on the Start Production Wizard button

3. Enter a name for the production. Then click on the 'OK' button.Enter a name for the production

4. Click on the tag you created. You can search for it by typing into the search bar if needed. Then click on the 'OK' button.

Select the tag you created

Step 5. Continue with the production process from Step 3 (Production Output) selecting the options you require for your production.