Creating the production

Follow these steps to create a native production of an entire case in GoldFynch. To begin, click on the production icon from the left menu, then click on the "Start a Production Wizard" button.

Click the "Start a Production Wizard" button from the top.

Step 1 of the Production Wizard: Give the production a name. 

type your chosen production name in the box. and click OK

Step 2 of the Production Wizard: Skip this step of the Production Wizard and do not select tags. This is because when no tags are selected, GoldFynch includes all documents from a case to be included in the production.

Step 3 of the Production Wizard: select "Native files" and click "OK"

Select "Native Files" under Production Output.

Steps 4-8 of the Production Wizard: Ignore all the options and settings, just click on the "OK" button.
Steps 9 of the Production Wizard: Select "Original file names" then click on "OK"

Select "Original Files Names" under Step 9 and click OK

Steps 10 of the Production Wizard: Review your case if you wish to edit any of the options, then click on the "Produce" button.

Downloading completed productions

GoldFynch queues the production and gets to work on it. To track the process, click on the 'Requested Productions tab' of the ‘Productions’ view.

Click on the ‘Completed’ header text to sort by completion date. The completed status for your production will change from "in-progress" to the completion date once the production is completed. Once the production has finished processing and becomes available, click on the 'download' icon against the production’s name to download the final production as a zip file.