During the second step of production, you select tags from a list of all the tags in your case, and all the files that have those tags are added into the production. However, it is possible that as-of-yet unprocessed (i.e. queued,) errored, unsupported, zero-byte, or password-protected files may also have those tags attached to them, and you may want to avoid including such files in your production. The process of omitting such files is known as culling, and here is how to do so using the 'tag invert' feature.

Note: You can similarly omit the unproduceable files by creating a saved search and inverting the saved search when creating the production. 

1. Tag the files to be omitted using the issues view

1. Navigate to the issues view by clicking on the icon in the left pane.

2. Ensure that all the processing states are selected in the 'Issues' section.

Select the files you want to omit and click on Tag

Note: You can selectively include/exclude certain processing states of files by deselecting them from the 'Issues' section

3. Click on the 'Tag' button that is present above the file listing.

4. Create a new tag (e.g. 'UNPRODUCEABLE') by typing its name into the text box and clicking on it when it appears below the text box.

Create a new tag and click on it to apply

5. Select the 'Apply to item only' option and click on 'Apply' to apply the tag.

Select apply to item only and click on Apply

2. 'Invert' the new tag while creating the production

1. Navigate to the 'Production' view by clicking on the icon in the left pane.

2. Click on the 'Start Production Wizard' button.

Open the production wizard found in the production view

3. Enter a name for the production and click on the 'Next: Document Selection' button.

4. Select the tags whose files you want to include in the production, and also select the new tag you just created.

5. Check the 'Negate?' checkbox against the new tag. Then continue with the steps of production. All files the negated tag is attached to will be omitted from the production.

Select the tag created in the previous step and click on the negate? checkbox