GoldFynch has partnered with a number of eDiscovery support service providers to offer additional services through the GoldFynch platform. It also offers its own add-on services. You may want to make use of these specific scenarios, like if you want to add a large volume of a client's files from their cloud storage provider (e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive) directly into your GoldFynch case. 

Note: Add-on services are available only with paid plans

These add-on services are requested from the 'Summary' view of the GoldFynch platform. Here's how to make use of them:

Step 1. Open a GoldFynch case (Note: certain services are not case-specific. For such services, you can follow these steps by selecting any of your cases.)

Step 2. Click on the 'Add-on Services' tab in the 'Summary' view (the default view when opening a case)

Summary view add on services tab

GoldFynch periodically features an add-on service that is visible directly from the 'Summary' view

Step 3. Click on the relevant button of the service you would like to use:

Select service to use

Step 4. Depending on the service, follow the instructions provided, providing information where necessary:Provide information

After submitting the request, you can track its progress by clicking on the 'Check Status' button:

Check status

Once the status is set to 'INPROGRESS' it is actively being worked on. If there are any issues with the process, the GoldFynch support team will get in touch with you.

Review status view

You can tell whether the add-on service is offered by GoldFynch or an approved vendor by the tag visible in the top-right corner of the service's information box

NOTE: The services from external providers are discounted, and to make use of the discounts you will have to go through the GoldFynch application. Below is a breakup of the pricing of services: 

One-time fee
Rate for additional volume
Managed Review
Conducted by professional attorneys specialized in outsourced managed document reviews
Legal Outsourcing 2.0
$25 per hour
50 documents per hour
4 pages per document
Additional Processors

Increase the speed of processing your files with dedicated data processors

GoldFynch Services$100$100 per additional processor
(available for 48 hours)
E-mail Import
Imports e-mails from Gmail, Yahoo,, and other IMAP enabled accounts. Emails will be placed in a new case.
GoldFynch Services
$35 per account
 +$15 per GB
Cloud Storage Import
Import files and folders directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and other popular cloud storage providers
GoldFynch Services
$15 per account
 +$10 per GB
FTP Upload
Upload files to GoldFynch via FTP. Beneficial in situations where your client needs to upload data.
GoldFynch Services
$100 setup fee (includes 100GB transfer)
 +$1 per GB over 100GB
Get additional support on your case for non-standard data and eDiscovery requests.
GoldFynch Services

$150 per hour of support