While producing your files, GoldFynch gives you the option of sorting the order of the produced files for Bates numbering. Here's how:

1. Follow the steps of production (click here for a detailed guide on producing files) till you reach Step 5 (Sort order for: <production name>)

2. Click on the drop-down list and select from one of the following options:

  • Alphabetically by folder & file name
  • Alphabetically by file name
  • Date - Oldest first
  • Date - Newest first

The page will immediately update the order of the files, giving you a preview of how files will be ordered in the final production.

Note: This sorting carries over to sub-files like email attachments and zipped files. 

Select the sort order and click on NextYou will also be provided with a list of the files that are about to be added to your production, along with relevant details from their:

  • File Name
  • File path within the case
  • File Type

3. (Optional) Check the numerical sorting checkbox. This will sort files that have numerical values in their file names in ascending order instead of lexicographically. 

For example, if there are a set of files with the names (Training_doc_1, Training _doc_2, Training_doc_3,,, Training_doc_10.... Training_doc_20 etc). When the numerical sorting is checked then they will be sorted as Training_doc_1, Training_doc_2, Training_doc_3.... Training_doc_10, etc. In case the numerical sorting checkbox is not selected then they will be sorted as Training_doc_1, Training_doc_10, Training_doc_2, Training_doc_20, Training_doc_3...., etc.

4. Click on the "Next: Tags and custom stamps placement" button to continue producing your file.