GoldFynch allows you to open a case in one account and share it with other users who are using different GoldFynch accounts.  All the files, tags, redactions, etc. and productions are shared for no extra charge -

all the other person needs is a valid GoldFynch account, and if they don't have one you can share the case with their email address which they can use to make a GoldFynch account. Case sharing allows for team document review and working in tandem to get better results.


Step 1: Open the case you want to share

Step 2: Click on the “Sharing” icon in the left pane

Navigate to the Sharing view

Step 3: Click on the "Add a user" button

Step 4: Enter the email address of the GoldFynch user you’d like to share the case with

Enter an email address to share the case with

Step 5: Once they’re added to the case, you can control their permission levels from the "Sharing" view using the drop-down menu:

Change permission level

  • User accounts 
    • Can only search and review the case
    • They cannot add or delete data
    • They add or remove other users
  • Admin accounts 
    • Cannot delete the case
    • Can do everything else that owner accounts can do related to a case
  • User and Admin accounts will not be charged for the case. The case owner is responsible for any costs associated with case subscription
  • Click on the "Remove" button to withdraw access to the case from an account

Once a user is added, they will receive an email notification of the case. 

NOTE: Every once in a while a member of the support team might also ask you to share a case with them to execute a custom request or evaluate a problem. By doing so, you are granting GoldFynch support access to your case. When the request has been completed, GoldFynch support will inform you, and you can rescind the case sharing.