Redaction (also called sanitization) in GoldFynch refers to the process of removing sensitive information from a document prior to production. Redacted text and images are blacked-out and are completely unrecoverable in the final produced document (i.e., the documents you give to the opposing counsel.) 

It's worth noting a few things: 

  • Within GoldFynch, the redacted portion will remain visible and fully searchable
  • Even if you have made redactions to a file, they will not be present if the 'native' option is selected during production

'Native' documents in productions are documents that are added as they were when they were uploaded - because of this they never have redactions, Bates stamps, or tag stamps that are added after they were uploaded to GoldFynch.

Step 1: Open the document you wish to redact in the "Doc View"

navigate to Doc View

Step 2: Click on the "Start Redacting" button under "Redactions" in the right panel

Performing redactions

Step 3: Click and while holding the mouse button down, drag the cursor over the section of the document that you wish to redact

Within GoldFynch, the redacted portion will appear as a translucent box over the text in the original file, with the redacted text being fully searchable.