GoldFynch offers both a GoldFynch 101 Training Course and a GoldFynch 101 Certification. 

The GoldFynch 101 Training Course is a free course that teaches the basics of the GoldFynch application using an end-to-end approach, starting with creating an account, running through steps like uploading data and review, and finally creating a production.

Sign up for the GoldFynch 101 Training Course

1. Click here to reach the GoldFynch 101 course page in the GoldFynch Academy


2. Click on the 'Start the Course' button on the GoldFynch Academy landing page

Click on the Start the course button on the goldFynch Academy page

3. Create an account or sign in if you already have an account

Create a new account

4. You will be taking to the first lesson in the course

Enjoy learning!

You can find more information about the course on the GoldFynch Academy landing page, as well as here.

Take the GoldFynch 101 Certification Test

We recommend taking the 101 course before attempting the 101 Certification Test, but it is not required. 

You can find more information about the 101 Certification test and sign up to take it here.

1. Click on the "Take the test" button

2. Log in to your GoldFynch Academy account if you have one or create an account. You will be taken to the first question

3. Complete the questions and get certified

All the best

Note: Learn how you can post your certification on Linkedin here.