Permanently deleting duplicate files in your GoldFynch case

Once you have marked duplicate files in your case by following these steps, run the search below from the Advanced Search view:

On the search results page:
  1. Check the check box in the upper left corner of the results window 
  2. Click on the "Delete" button to the right

It is important to note that once these items are deleted, they are no longer available in your case.

Alternatively: Omit duplicate files from search results or productions

An alternative to deleting items identified with the "DUPE" system tag from your case entirely, you can instead omit them from search results or productions. This keeps the files in your case, while still avoiding them in your review.

Omitting duplicate files in searches

To omit files tagged as duplicates while performing a search, include the following term in your search query:

AND system-tags != DUPE

For example, the search in the image below is configured to leave files tagged with the DUPE system tag out of its results:

Depending on your review strategy, you could also consider adding all documents you need to review to a "Review Set", which automatically eliminates those items identified with the system tag, "DUPE".

More information on using review sets can be found here.

Omitting duplicate files from your production

To omit files tagged as duplicates from a production: 

  1. Check the checkbox against the DUPE system tag during Step 2 (Document Selection) of the Production Wizard
  2. Check the "Invert" checkbox against the DUPE system tag

Then continue with the regular steps of production.