You can link the certificate you receive after successfully completing your GoldFynch 101 Certification Test on GoldFyhnch Academy with your Linkedin account by following these steps:
  1. Sign in to your GoldFynch Academy dashboard
  2. Click on GoldFynch 101 Certification Test
  3. Click on the Get your Certificate button on the left side of the screen

  4. At the bottom of the screen, click on "Copy Link" 

  5. Add a certification on Linkedin and fill in the details into the overlay: 
    • Paste the copied URL into the "Credential URL" field 
    • Paste the certificate ID into the "Credential ID" field
    • Check the "This credential does not expire" checkbox
    • Name: GoldFynch 101 Certification Test
    • Issuing Organization: GoldFynch eDiscovery
    • Enter the month and year for the Issue date from the "Issued" field of the certificate

  6. Click on "Save"

Note: GoldFynch Academy offers training courses and certification tests for GoldFynch. You can take the GoldFynch 101 Course (we recommended going through this before taking the test) here.