GoldFynch contains a set of standard metadata fields for each file which is either automatically populated from metadata inside the incoming native file, or from an associated entry in an incoming load file.

Importing metadata


GoldFynch will extract the internal metadata such as author, creating software, etc. If you want to provide custom metadata along with files, you will need to provide a corresponding load file (e.g. .dat or .csv file) that describes the metadata fields.


While importing productions, upload the production with a load file, and format your production as per GoldFynch's preferred file formatting guidelines for productions.


Emails uploaded in their native format (such as in Outlook's .msg format or in standard MIME/.eml format) will have their internal metadata like recipients and email dates automatically extracted by GoldFynch.

Exporting metadata


All internal metadata in uploaded files is innately present in files that are natively producedIf you choose one of the other production options like .pdf, or .tiff images, you will need to select the "load file" option, and all of the file/email metadata will be provided in the production in a standard Concordance/Relativity style .dat load file.

It is also possible to also customize the parameters of load files generated.


The reports section also allows you to generate a report of files in GoldFynch that contains their metadata information.