Once you have uploaded compressed files or files with attachments to GoldFynch, you can quickly and easily navigate between the extracted files and their parent files as shown below:

In the 'Files' view

  • Compressed files like zip, mbox, pst, etc.
    Click on the file name to access the files in the files view
    • Click on the extracted folder to open it and access the files it contains
    • Click on the 'View Container File' button next to the folder to see the originally-uploaded zip file

  • Emails
    Click on the browse attachments to view the attached files in the files view
    • To view emails (that have attachments) click on the .eml or .msg folder
    • To view the attachments of an email, click on the 'Browse Atts.' button next to the email's folder

In the 'Docs' view you can navigate between child and parent files: 

  1. Navigate to the 'Docs' view
  2. Click on the 'file/attachment context' button to open the file/attachment context panel
  3. Click on one of the files in the list (which is the currently viewed file's file family) to navigate to its location and open it in the 'Docs' view

Even if the parent or one of the child files is moved to a different folder in the case their relationship will be maintained and viewable from this panel

View and navigate between files in a file family


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