Note: This functionality has been merged with the Navigation Context functionality. Click here for more information on Navigation Context

Learn how to open attachments and follow links while cycling through search results in the 'Docs' view.

When you perform a search in GoldFynch you can:

  • Click on the name of one of the search results to view that file in the 'Docs' view
  • Change the "Sort order" drop-down from 'Relevance' to "Date: Oldest First" or "Date: Recent First" to list the files in chronological order
  • Filter results by Tag, Primary Date, etc.

open up the doc view from the search results

And once you open a file in the 'Docs' view you can:

  • Click on the 'Previous Document' or 'Next Document' buttons to cycle through search results based on the order they were sorted by
  • Click on the 'Context view' button to display any files part of the currently-viewed file's family
  • Click on files listed in the 'Context view' to open them

Note that if you click on an attachment or navigate away from the screen the search context will be lost and the Previous Document/Next Document buttons will not cycle between results of the search. 

Learn more about performing searches using the Advanced Search system here.