Zero-byte files (also known as zero-length files) are files that do not contain any data. There are many possible reasons for their creation. You will need to obtain an uncorrupted version of the file from the source if you want the lost data. Find out more about zero-byte files and how to deal with them here.

GoldFynch automatically flags zero-byte files as soon as they are uploaded so you can take appropriate steps to replace them. To view the list of zero-byte files in your case:

Step 1. Open your GoldFynch case and navigate to the 'Issues' view by clicking on the button in the left pane

Navigate to the 'Issues' view and click on the 'Zero-Length' tab

Step 2. Click on the 'Zero-Length' tab

On this screen all zero-byte files in your case will be displayed. You can tag and delete them, as well as see their location in your GoldFynch case (under the 'Path' heading)