GoldFynch's advanced search system lets you narrow down the focus of your search to even a single directory (i.e. folder) of your Goldfynch case. Here's how to do so:

Performing the search using the 'Advanced Search' view

Step 1. Navigate to the 'Advanced Search' view by clicking on the button in the left panel

Step 2. Click on the 'Create New Search' button 

Step 3. Click anywhere in the condition box to enter the search criteria. Alternatively, click on the edit icon (the pencil) that appears when you hover over the condition box 

 Click anywhere in the condition box to edit it

Step 4. Click on the parameter drop-down menu (which by default is set to body) and change it to the 'directory' parameter
Select the directory parameter
Step 5. Click on the 'Browse' button. GoldFynch will show you the folder structure of your caseClick on Browse to view the folder structure

Step 6. Click on the folder to which you want to restrict your search to

Choose a folder

Step 7. Click on the 'Select Folder' button 

NOTE: You can click on the '+' symbol next to a folder to display its sub-folders. And even after opening a sub-folder, you can still select a parent folder. The currently-selected folder is denoted by a darkened grey line behind the text (the 'Demo' folder in the image above)

OPTIONAL: If you wish to add additional parameters to your search query, click on the '+Click to add condition'  and connect your new condition using the logical operators ('AND', 'OR). Find more information about searching with multiple parameters here. Click here for the list of search parameters

Step 8. Once you are happy with your search query, click on the 'execute search' button (the ► symbol) to run the search  Add additional conditions and execute the search

Performing the search using the Search bar

Step 1. Click within the search bar at the top of your screen and type: directory = "<directory of file>"

type search query for the directory

Step 2. Add on any other parameters you'd like to use to refine your search by making use of the AND, OR, NOT operators, and parentheses "( )" Learn more about running advanced searches from the search bar here.

Step 3. Hit the 'return' key to run the search


  • The full directory path needs to be included. So to search in the directory shown below, you need to enter "GoldFynch Documents/" into the 'value' field (as shown in the image above). Alternatively, you can copy the directory path by clicking on the copy icon next to the directory path and then pasting it in the 'value' field of the search query

Click the copy icon to copy the directory path

  • You can find a file's path from the 'Files' view (as displayed in the above image) or from the metadata of a search result  in the 'Search' view (the image below)

You can find a file's directory in the 'search' view

  • Do not include a "/" after the directory path or the search will not successfully execute (e.g. "GoldFynch Documents/" not "GoldFynch Documents/")