There are two ways you can upload your files from Dropbox:

To manually upload the files, follow the steps below.

Select the files you wish to add to your GoldFynch account

Step 1: Sign into your Dropbox account

Step 2: Click on the 'Files' button in the left bar

Navigate to your files

Step 3: Check the checkboxes against the files or folders that you want to upload to GoldFynch

Select the files and method to use to upload your files

After selecting your files, you'll then need to choose a method to upload them.

Method #1: Manually download and upload the files to GoldFynch

    1. Click on the 'Download' button in the right bar 

    2. Upload the files to GoldFynch once they are fully downloaded to your computer

Method #2 & Method #3: Share the folder with GoldFynch Support using the add-on Cloud Storage import service

The following two methods involve sharing your files with GoldFynch Support, who can import the files directly into your case. Either way, first requisition the add-on service by following these instructions (and selecting the Cloud Storage Import option), then click on the 'Share' button (as shown in the image above)

Once you have clicked on the share button, you will see this screen:

select how to share the files with GoldFynch support

    Method #2: Directly give GoldFynch Support access to your Dropbox folder (through Dropbox)      

    1. Enter '' into the 'To:' field

Add ' in the 'to' field         2. Click on the 'Share' button

Click on the 'Share' button

Method #3: Generate a private 'share link' to the files and send it to GoldFynch support

    1. Click on the 'Create a link' button

    2. Copy the link that is generated

Send GoldFynch Support the share link

    3. Send an email to '' requesting to have the files transferred and specifying which files to transfer. Make sure you also include the copied link.