GoldFynch lets you search for specific words or phrases that are present in the names (and file paths) of your case's files using the "Name" parameter. 

Note: This also looks through the entire file paths of each file, so an example search of "Name CONTAINS quincy" will return files that have the word "quincy" (case insensitive) anywhere in their folder/file name. Also note that the word will have to be an exact match - see how this can affect your searches in the section at the end of this article.

Here's how to run the name search:


Performing the search using the 'Advanced Search' view

1. Navigate to the 'Advanced Search' view by clicking on the button in the left pane

2. Click on the 'Create New Search' button

3. Click anywhere in the condition box to enter the search criteria. Alternatively, click on the edit icon (the pencil) that appears when you hover over the condition box 

Click anywhere on the condition box to enter a search criteria

4. Change the 'body' parameter to the 'name' parameter
Change the value in the parameter field from body to name

5. Enter the word or phrase you want to search for

6. Click on the 'execute search' button

Note: You can add more parameters and terms to your search query between step 4 and step 5. Find more information about searching with additional parameters here.

Performing the search using the Search bar

1. Click within the search bar at the top of your screen and type "name contains <word or phrase being searched for>"

Perform a name search from the search bar

2. Add on any other parameters you'd like to use to refine your search by making use of the AND, OR, NOT operators, and parentheses "( )" 

3. Hit the 'return' key

As an example, the query of this search is 'name CONTAINS ediscovery.'

results for a name search of 'ediscovery'


  • As the search takes place throughout the file's entire file path, a search of name CONTAINS quincy will also return a file "sarah" if it had the file path of Documentation/July2018/quincy/meeting/sarah
  • Even though the search takes place throughout the file's entire file path, the word itself will need to be an exact match to appear as results: you can search for "ediscovery" or "0007" but "discovery" and "007" will provide no results 
  • There are no wildcard searches for names at this time
  • You can narrow down your search results further by clicking on the filter options in the right panel. Click here to learn how to do it.