GoldFynch has an "email context" feature that gives you information on an email and its attachments.

For example, in this email file:

Where to find email context

Box item 1 shows the email details with attachments ATT00029.htm and Final Site inventory.rtf. The left-pointing arrow (circled below) next to the 0006 (which is the email file name) indicates that the email is currently being viewed.

Breakdown of email context

The attachment names are clickable and will take you to the respective attachment file, in which case the left-pointing arrow will then be next to that attachment.

Box item 2 gives you the ability to change the location of the email context window. Options are vertical (as in my example), horizontal (on top of the email) or full screen. The window is re-sizable by moving the bar.

Change location of email context

Box item 3 appears at the bottom of any email with attachments and shows the file(s) attached to the email.

Where to find attachments if present in a file

Box item 4 shows the current position of the email in the file tree. All file names are clickable and will take you to the file. Right-clicking on the file name will allow you to open it in a new tab or window. This will allow you to review only that file, while keeping the email you were viewing open in the original tab.

Where to find file path listed