Trying to find all emails to do with a particular series of meetings? Or those to/from a specific person? Goldfynch lets you search for them using the ‘subject’, 'from', ‘to’, ‘cc’ or ‘bcc’ email fields. These fields are the email metadata fields.  

GoldFynch has special search capabilities for email metadata fields that can be accessed as you directly type into the search bar. These filters are activated by the ':' (colon) character. As you type, the search bar will offer suggestions that you can choose from, so give it a second to populate and fill out the dropdown (like the images below.)

Using the filters to search for emails from a particular email address

For example, if you want to search for emails from the address anith@mazira.comfrom the search bar 

  1. Enter "from:" in the search bar  
  2. GoldFynch goes through each email's metadata and produces a list of all files that have the email address entered against the 'from' field:

Once the search results are listed you can further narrow down your results by using the filter options present in the right panel. Click here to learn how you can filter and sort through your search results.

Similarly, to search for emails sent to a particular address you can use the 'to:' filter. The 'cc:' and 'bcc:' filters can be used to search for emails that have been cc'd and bcc'd to a particular email address. 

Using the 'subject:' filter to find emails based on the 'subject' field

To run a search for all emails that have the word "meeting" in their subject line:

  1. Enter "subject: meeting" in the search bar
  2. Goldfynch will retrieve all emails that contain the word meeting in the subject

Here's a short video on searching with email filters: