Filtering by Tag

GoldFynch allows users to filter search results by tags. This can be done by navigating to the tags pane and clicking on one of the listed tags.

Filter files by tagsOnce a tag filter has been applied, you will be taken to the newly filtered search results tab. The tag filter can be found in righthand corner of the search bar. By clicking the "x" in the tag item, the filter can be removed.

Filtered search resutls and removing tag filtersInverted Tag Search

Once a tag filter has been applied, the filter can be inverted, such that all items except those with the specific tag are shown in the search results. This can be done by clicking the tag item shown in the search bar. Once the tag item has been clicked, the search results will be refreshed and that tag will reflect its inverted status with the word "Exclude". To return the tag filter to its non-inverted state, simply click the tag item again.

Using inverted tag filters