Productions with multi-part zips

Typically, load file productions will come to you as a single Zip file containing the entire production set, including folders for "IMAGES", "TEXT" and "DATA", which can be uploaded into GoldFynch just like any of your other files and once processed, the production can be queued for a production import (more information found here). In case the productions are provided as multiple Zip files, handle them as you would regular multi-part zips.

Correct handling of multi-part zips for upload to your case

When you have a multi-part production with one cumulative load file, the correct way to upload to your GoldFynch case would be to make sure that all separate multi-part zip volumes are un-zipped and are contained in the same directory as their related parts and then include the load files.  

If you were provided with 5 production volumes and one load file for ALL of the volumes, what you have would be similar to the below directory structure:

You would then zip all 5 VOL folders as well as the two load files. That zip would be what you would upload to GoldFynch.  

If each production volume were its own separate zip folder, and it were uploaded to your case, GoldFynch would not automatically detect it as a complete production. You would need to unzip each of the separate volume folders and then re-zip them, similar to the structure in the above screenshot.  

We can also handle this from our end, but this would incur additional fees as it falls outside of the standard support. Learn how to submit such ar request here.

For more information on multi-part productions and troubleshooting them, click here.