GoldFynch's report function lets you generate reports that include document notes and annotations for files in your case. 

Step 1: Click on the 'Reports' button in the left navigation panel to navigate to the 'Reports' view

Navigate to the report view and click on the +New Report button
Step 2: Click on the +New Report button

Step 3: Select the files you want to include in your report from the 'Type' drop-down. You can choose from All files, tags, or a saved searchSelect a report type and enter a name for the report

Step 4: Enter a Report name

Step 5: Check the 'Include document notes and annotations' checkbox

Check the Include document notes and annotations checkbox to include them in the report

Note: When you select this option by default both document notes and annotations will be included in the report. In case you want to include document notes only or document annotations only then select the appropriate option by clicking on the corresponding radio button

Step 6: (Optional) Check the 'Include work product columns in JSON format' checkbox

Check the Include work product columns in JSON format

Step 7: Select an Output format

Select an Output format from the dropdown

Step 8: Click on the Create button

Click to learn more about generating reports in GoldFynch