Understanding the search results screen

Some of the information that you can get from the search results screen includes:

  • The search criteria (current query)
  • The number of files that satisfy the search criteria
  • The listing of files that satisfy your search criteria (i.e. the search results) along with a text snippet and their location
  • Tags assigned to the file
  • Number of files per document type
  • Number of files assigned to a particular tag
  • Sort and filtering options (find out more about these here)

Regardless of whether you are viewing all the files in your case or a set of search results, you will see a screen similar to the one below:

Information on Search Results Screen

Results are the files in the case that satisfy your search criteria which are displayed in the "Search" view.

Text Snippets

Text snippets are identified as small pieces of the document containing the search results.  The text snippets are intended to provide a quick view into the location of the document to determine whether you need to further investigate the entire document. 

Note: There is no limit on the number of text snippets, however, the default number of results the backend search engine pulls up is 5 snippets. These snippets could be across a few different text sources within a document, e.g. OCR text (when GoldFynch identifies text and extracts it to make it machine-readable and searchable), or Provided text (which is imported from productions). Because of this, it is possible to see more than 5 snippets in your search results.

Character limitations also are put into place when results are returned.  When searching full text within the body of the document, the search looks for sentence boundaries within 100 characters, after that it is cut off and that is what you see presented in the snippet.

Working with your search results

Once the search results are populated, there are some functions that you can perform directly from this screen without having to navigate to another view. For example, just clicking on the text snippet that is displayed on the screen will take you to the page on which it is found.

Some of the functions that you can perform directly from the search results listing are:

  • Click on a file name to open it in the Document Viewer
  • Click on a text snippet to go directly to that page in the document viewer
  • Click on the file's location to view it in the 'Files' view
  • Add tags and quick tags
  • Remove or edit the current search query (the 'x' icon in the top-left corner of the screen or the pencil icon that appears below it)