GoldFynch gives you the ability to download individual files in their produced formats directly, without having to download their entire production and then extract them - this can be helpful when you need to download an individual file with redactions. 

You can do so from the Document Viewer. You have the option to either download the 'Production Archive' version (i.e. the produced format) or a 'High quality' PDF version, where available.

Download a Produced Document from the Document Viewer

Step 1. Open the document you wish to download in the Document Viewer

Step 2. Expand the 'Found in Productions' section in the right panel

Click to expand and view the productions the document is in

Step 3. Click on the download icon against the production you want to download the file from and choose the version you wish to download


Click on the download icon and choose the version you wish to download 

  • This feature is not retroactive, and the option to download individually-produced files will only be available for files in productions made from November 2020 onwards
  • You can also download originally-uploaded files in their native format, as well as the processed PDF version (which is what is displayed in the Document Viewer) from the "Downloads" section of the right panel

Here is an example of how you would download a version of a file that was produced with redactions: