GoldFynch gives you the capability to upload load files, and it will soon have an interface to apply load files to your case on import. Currently, the files are applied by scripts that are run by the GoldFynch team.

To upload a load file to GoldFynch:

Step 1. Zip the production on your computer if it is not already zipped, keeping the folder structure the same as you received it. 


Step 2. Upload the zipped production to GoldFynch. To upload a zip file to GoldFynch, navigate to GoldFynch's 'Files' view and drag-and-drop the zip file onto the the 'Files' view screen. You will be given a prompt to confirm the file upload; click on the 'Begin Upload' button.

Click on the 'Begin Upload' button


  • Make sure that the load file is included as well! It could be a .dat or a .csv file, and may be inside, or outside of the production folder
  • Ensure that the network connection does not go down and the computer that is uploading the file is not turned off

Step 3. When the upload completes, contact the GoldFynch team with a support request via the help button and mention the name of the load file. They will then run the load file to the imported production and let you know when the process is complete.

Use the help button to notify the GoldFynch team that the upload has completed