When typing out a search in the search bar, GoldFynch offers a number of smart search suggestions. These are suggestions based on file metadata - standardized document content such as dates and file information. The first line of results ion the drop-down bar display the smart search that will be carried out, which you can trigger by clicking on the line or hitting the 'return' button. Below is a list of all Smart Search types and how to trigger the smart search option.

1. Email Metadata: To trigger email specific metadata searches, use the metadata type and ":" character, followed by the search content. Supported metadata are 

  1. to:
  2. from:
  3. cc:
  4. bcc:
  5. subject: (for an email's subject)

Smart search types for email metadata

2. Dates : Smart date searches are always triggered only after a year is entered. A whole date in the format mm/dd/yyyy can be entered or partial date with just mm/yyyy or just the year. Date searches can also be date ranges, combined with "to"

Date smart search types

3. File Types (MIME Types) : Enter the first three letters of the file extension or file MIME type to trigger this search. All supported GoldFynch supported  file format extensions will trigger a smart search. MIME types are as below:

  1. Text
  2. Image
  3. Email
  4. Email collection
  5. MS Office types
  6. Video (although video file processing is unsupported)
  7. Archive

4. File Names: Enter any portion of the filename, GoldFynch will try and match all the files that have that search term in the file name and offer it as a suggestion.

Smart search type for file names

More information on the smart searches can be found below: